About Miracles - Sometimes the only Logical Explanation is God

Sometimes you need a miracle.

And sometimes the only logical explanation...

is God.

YouTube Premier – Charmed By Darkness

We’re not the only people excited about this Sunday’s premiere on YouTube (March 20) of our award-winning docudrama Charmed By Darkness!  Founder/Director Chris Lang had the privilege to visit Little Light Studios to give two interviews, sharing behind-the-scenes stories that will strengthen your faith in a God that is ALWAYS on time!  The first interview will air on their YouTube channel this Friday, March 18 […]

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Films Released on YouTube

Recently Founder/Director Chris Lang was invited to give an interview for a media ministry in Brazil via Zoom. There was a live translator and more than 3 hours of sharing! It was amazing to see first-hand how spiritually hungry the people in Brazil are. As he was sharing about his life, God’s faithfulness and the journey of filmmaking, Chris learned that they didn’t have access to our films there! So, just last week, […]

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Mystified Film Coming

[UPDATED POST] Stephanie Griffin spent nine years in a mystical movement and trained in all the practices. Even though she had been a lifelong Christian, she didn’t see danger in the exercises promoted, such as Contemplative Prayer, Lectio Divina and walking the labyrinth. She was surprised that they teach Christians to respect the Bible while regarding all worldviews as equal paths to immortality.  She finally learned the roots of the movement and took a stand to come out. Our new film Mystified is a companion to Charmed By […]

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