Beware of Angels - documentary filmBeware of Angels was officially released this week on Amazon (Free with Prime) — please leave a review and share with your friends!  Titled after Roger Morneau’s final book, Beware of Angels deals with a Bible study group that fell into spiritualism and ultimately murder. Four other gripping accounts of former occultists testify that all deception comes from the same source.

Distributors currently include Indie Rights, Inc. and Pacific Press Publishing Association.  “We’re humbled and excited to work with these companies who serve different audiences,” stated founder/director Chris Lang.  “It’s a blessing to know that our content will reach people of all worldviews.”  DVDs are available in our store and at Adventist Book Centers in the United States and Canada.

Several TV networks are currently in discussions with Lifestreams Media for broadcast licenses.  We hope to announce those companies soon.