UPDATED 06/15/20: The highly anticipated docudrama Charmed By Darkness – the life and legacy of Roger Morneau is now available FREE on TubiTV (US, CA, AUS/NZ, MX, ZA) and with Prime on Amazon in the United StatesUnited KingdomGermany/Austria • and many other countries via PrimeVideo.com.  DVDs are distributed by Amazing Facts and Pacific Press.

VIEWER FEEDBACK: We recently screened the film to nearly 2,000 viewers, and obtained over 100 feedback surveys! In a rating of 1 to 5 (5 being Excellent), over 90% of respondents rated the production quality and entertainment/educational value of the film as “Good,” “Very Good” or “Excellent” compared to other documentaries they’ve seen. Here are just a few viewer comments:

“You don’t know me, but I cried watching this… I too have been harassed by evil spirits… questions that Satan put in my mind to unsettle me to cause me doubt to unbelieve are now being resolved by truths, through Bible study… thank you so much for this production…”

“Satan tried and failed to cover up this important story in many ways over multiple decades. Praise God that He kept Cyril alive long enough to make this movie.”

“…The enemy has given us the impression that prayer is insignificant, but quite the opposite is true. I’m thankful for this reminder.”

MOVIE STRUCTURE: Seen through the eyes of Cyril and Cynthia Grossé, who personally studied the Bible with Roger in 1946 and risked their lives to help him. Thankfully, we were able to interview them both shortly before they both went to their rest. Cynthia died just 3 months after the interview and then Cyril a year and a half later. Their eyes were never dim nor energy lacking when it came to telling their story about Roger Morneau! Dramatic reenactments bring their Bible studies to life with flashbacks to Roger’s childhood and World War II experiences. Never-before-seen pictures and documents confirm his dramatic World War II accounts as told in the book Charmed By Darkness – the full manuscript of Roger’s autobiography (an abridged version was originally published as A Trip Into the Supernatural in 1982).

The last half of the film explores Roger’s worldwide prayer ministry and how the many answers to prayer inspired a series of books that left a biblically based and compellingly powerful legacy. Two amazing, true stories presented involve actual people that Roger prayed for, illustrating the power and influence of Roger’s prayer life.  Roger’s family and friends testify that the battle with fallen angels is real, that the Bible is true and that prayer really can change things.

The bridge story between the 1946 Bible studies and Roger’s later prayer ministry features the supernatural experiences of the young woman who typed the full manuscript for the book Charmed By Darkness. We hired her through a freelancing website and had never met.  We needed someone to manually re-type the whole thing since the original typed manuscript (from the 1970s) was too faded for us to obtain an accurate scan that could be converted to an editable text document (via OCR).  Her experiences reveal just how dangerous Roger’s story is to the enemies of truth today.

Lifestreams Media founder Chris Lang stated: “Viewers who have read A Trip Into the Supernatural but not the full manuscript released as the book Charmed By Darkness, might miss the significance of the World War II flashback segments and the reasons why we included the stories about Roger’s international prayer ministry.  Roger’s own account about his near-death experiences during childhood and especially World War II were nearly unbelievable, and we prayed that we would find evidence to validate the things we could in order to add credibility to the things we can’t prove.  I’m honored to have worked with Roger’s family and Cyril and Cynthia to bring his amazing story to a whole new generation.”