Many of you have been asking: “When is Charmed By Darkness coming out?  We recently filmed several major reenactments, and we’re excited to see the stories and structure of this new documentary film coming together! It’s not been easy, and we’ve had some roadblocks in the way. But through an unmistakeable series of events earlier this year, we not only filmed the period reenactments of Roger Morneau’s conversion in 1946, but also a medical miracle story about a woman whom Roger prayed for. We’re thankful that the Lord is our boss! We’ve seen Him move mountains over the last few weeks to move this project forward.

Our first official trailer includes clips that lay down the key story lines: Roger Morneau’s conversion from demon worship in 1946 and his later worldwide intercessory prayer ministry.
Tagline: “It’s not how your story begins that matters.”
Released: February, 2020