This new video includes interview footage with Doug Batchelor, President/Speaker of Amazing Facts, and clips from his interview with Roger Morneau in 1998. Doug was a good friend of Roger’s and testifies to the credibility of his story. Charmed by Darkness is a 3-part project illustrating Roger’s dramatic deliverance from demon worship. The project includes a book, a documentary and a feature film. The feature film (in development) will be set in the 1930’s and 40’s, using young adult actors and a script based on the original manuscript of Roger’s first book A Trip Into the Supernatural. We expect the book release by February or April, 2015 and the documentary by late 2016. The companion documentary features interviews with Roger’s family, friends and former members of the occult. We hope to release the feature film sometime in 2017 (pending fundraising needs).

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