The release of our new film Charmed By Darkness on Amazon Prime isn’t the only exciting news from Lifestreams Media this year. Three of our films are now on TUBI TV – one of the largest free-with-ads streaming networks in the world: Charmed By Darkness, Beware of Angels and our award-winning About Miracles.

Charmed By Darkness and Beware of Angels are companion programs – teaching the truth about death, afterlife, Satan and the Sabbath through gripping true stories and can now be freely shared on TUBI with your family and friends!

When we launched Lifestreams Media in 2009, DVDs were still the standard media to watch films at home. In later years, online platforms emerged like Amazon Prime subscriber-based services providing instant access with monthly or annual fees. Today, FREE-with-ads streaming platforms such as TUBI TV, are coming of age. Like the ‘old days’ of network broadcast TV on CBS, ABC and NBC, content producers can now get paid through shared advertising income. Lifestreams Media founder Chris Lang stated, “We’ve always wanted to be able to give these amazing true stories away to encourage people. Streaming platforms like TUBI TV have now made this possible. We hope our viewers will use TUBI to spread our films like the leaves of autumn while we still can. There will soon come a time when messages that promote absolute truth about God and the Bible will be removed. In some ways, that time in history has already come… our first film Single Creek was removed from Amazon last year.”

TUBI offers thousands of films on demand and absolutely FREE – currently available in the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa. Please share the above links to our films on TUBI with everyone you know!