IN POST PRODUCTION (Documentary)Charmed by Darkness is a 3-part project (feature film, documentary, book) that tells the true story of Roger Morneau, a former demon worshiper who became a Christian author and prayer warrior. Set in the 1930’s and 40’s, the feature film will shine the light of truth and reveal the heart of God and His power to save even the most hopeless case.

Beware of Angels – Dramatic-true stories about supernatural beings from beyond. Who are these otherworldly visitors? You can know the truth. Your life literally depends on it — Released 2017.

About Miracles – Sometimes you need a miracle. And sometimes, the only logical explanation is God. Four true stories about modern-day miracles.
2014 Multi-Award Winner

Single Creek – Christian singles of all ages and issues. Raw. Honest. Sensitive.
Official Selection: 2015 Narrow Way Film Festival.

Single Creek - 2015 Official Selection

When Mourning Breaks – finding hope after miscarriage and abortion.
2013 Crown Award: Best Documentary (in budget category), International Christian Visual Media.

When Mourning Breaks - 2013 Award