Charmed by Darkness – the life and legacy Roger Morneau, a demon worshiper who became a Christian author and prayer warrior. Family and friends testify that the battle with fallen angels is real and that prayer really can change things.
2021 Gold Remi Award: Worldfest Houston International Film Festival

Charmed By Darkness - Remi Winner

Beware of Angels – Dramatic-true stories about supernatural beings from beyond. Who are these otherworldly visitors? You can know the truth. Your life literally depends on it — Released 2017.

About Miracles – Sometimes you need a miracle. And sometimes, the only logical explanation is God. Four true stories about modern-day miracles.
2014 Multi-Award Winner

Single Creek – Christian singles of all ages and issues. Raw. Honest. Sensitive.
Official Selection: 2015 Narrow Way Film Festival.

Single Creek - 2015 Official Selection

When Mourning Breaks – finding hope after miscarriage and abortion.
2013 Crown Award: Best Documentary (in budget category), International Christian Visual Media.

When Mourning Breaks - 2013 Award