We love telling true stories about how people in our age came to know and trust the God of the Bible.  As a filmmaker, you can never say everything you’d like to.  Even a study guide specifically designed for a film has its limits.  It’s only when a person begins reading and memorizing the world’s all-time best seller for himself that real change can happen.  Real change comes only by coming into contact with a Person, not just a bunch of ideas.  Like the people in our films, we ourselves have found that Jesus Christ is real, that He answers the prayers of honest, humble people, and that in Him we grow in truth, peace and hope. These resources will help you to get to know God.  Test Him to see whether He is indeed real, good and faithful (Jer 29:13; Ex 34:6; Deut 7:9). Then you will surely learn, experience and grow in His boundless, personal love.

The Dead Sea Scrolls offer irrefutable evidence that the Bible is not just another book. Found in the Qumran caves (1946-1956), the dating of the fragments of the book of Daniel proved it was written hundreds of years before Christ, predicting thousands of years of history and in a specific order.  No human mind or angel could guess the rise and fall of world empires and have them come out in that exact sequence (reaching down to our age and beyond)!  The Bible declares that the God of heaven knows all the details of the past, present and future. Quantum physicists have proven that there is indeed a realm outside of time and space. That dimension is where God lives; for God alone is immortal and “one day is as a thousand years” to Him (1 Tim 1:17, 6:16; 2 Peter 3:8; Psalm 90:4). Some day humans who know and walk with the real Jesus will also become timeless – “putting on” immortality (1 Cor 15:52-54 ; Phil 3:20, 21; John 14:1-3; 1 Thes 4:16, 17)!

As an absolute source of truth and wisdom, the Bible is increasingly coming under attack.  The world says you can find peace without the God of the Bible and believe in anything you please.  Many influential thought leaders teach that every road eventually leads to God (or your “higher power”), love and immortality.  But the Bible says otherwise.  And it is against this tide that we offer our films and these Bible-based resources.

The Bible Reading Plan will help you read from cover-to-cover in just 1 year with coordinated content and journaling tips.  iRecite is a lifestyle integration, developing the habit of memorizing whole chapters of the Bible.  You’ll be surprised how the Word will force out old thought patterns, providing better focus and more brain capacity for daily challenges.  The Movie Study Guide was designed to delve deeper into the topics of death and the afterlife.  Hope on Fire is a TV talk show we produced years ago that offers helpful topics on every day life.  We welcome you here to LEARN. EXPERIENCE. GROW.