Have you ever decided to read the Bible through but found yourself overwhelmed at the thought of actually doing it? Have you tried daily Bible reading plans, but gotten discouraged and given up when you’ve fallen a few days behind?  Wretha Lang, lifelong choir director and music instructor (executive producer for Charmed By Darkness), was looking for a new way to read through the Bible each year.  With God’s help, she designed a Bible study calendar in 1998 and titled it THIS IS LIFE ETERNAL (TILE), inspired by John 17:3 —“And this is life eternal, that they might know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”

This unique free Bible reading plan makes it easy to succeed.  You can read the entire Bible in just 1 year with 52 weekly assignments!  The weeklies include chapters from the books of wisdom (such as the Psalms) and (mostly) related Old and New Testament chapters, guiding you through God’s word from the Creation to the re-Creation!  Companion materials include journaling pages (sample and blank), Prayer Journal pages and a small group leader Handbook includes Wretha’s own TILE experiences, tips for successful groups, Study and Prayer Journaling and discussion points for each of the 52 weekly assignments.

Wretha loved sharing the calendar and training small group leaders.  She wrote: “I want to give all praise to God from Whom all blessings flow for granting me the privilege of sharing “This is Life Eternal,” a Bible reading plan with all who are willing to be drawn into a true worship experience with the great Creator… My heart still beats with excitement when God reveals Himself in the small groups… I would appreciate your prayers that God will give our small groups wherever they are a deep and abiding love for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!” – Wretha Lang

Bible Study

Though she passed away in 2021, her legacy continues. In all my life, I had never read the entire Bible in a year, until I successfully used “my mom’s plan.” I hope you will be guided and blessed as you consider using this unique approach to reading His Word!

Eat the “Bread of Life” in 52 weekly bites! The “This is Life Eternal” (TILE) Bible reading plan and companion materials

Read entire Bible in one year with weekly assignments and coordinated content. The Small Group Leader Handbook provides tips for facilitating TILE group inspiration and learning.

Bible Study Journal pages are easy to use. Copy one page for each day of reading.


1. As you read and study, special topics of interest will jump out at you. Write those topics as headings in the squares provided, assigning one topic to each square. (Use additional pages if necessary.)
2. Write down specific texts that correspond to each topic of interest underneath the heading in the box provided.
3. Jot down additional thoughts concerning your chosen topics of interest in the Discussion Points section. Give each discussion point a number to match its corresponding topic of interest.
4. Use the Personal Diary Notes section to record special events, appointments, or general observations.
5. Take a picture of your daily journal page using your smart phone and convert to PDF (use an app like ABBYY FineReader) OR Hole punch the physical pages and store them in a binder for future reference.

If you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.

  • Blue Letter Bible – Instantly learn the original meaning(s) of Hebrew or Greek text in the Bible! (includes Strong’s Hebrew/Greek Concordance with Lexicon)
  • Bible Gateway – Online Bibles in over 20 versions and 40 languages
  • Recommended Versions: New King James Version (NKJV); King James Version (KJV); New Living Translation (NLT); English Standard Version (ESV); New American Standard Bible (NASB)
Bible memorization for individuals and small groups; supported by Lifestreams Media and inspired by Roger Morneau!

Through the years, many people joined Wretha Lang in her living room, singing songs around her piano to worship God and to study His Word.  Be blessed you as you listen to her hymn and Gospel song arrangements. Lifestreams Media founder Chris Lang (Wretha’s son), sang the vocals for the third track and solo in a live performance on final track.


Please send us your experiences!

After going through the TILE Bible reading plan two times, it gave me a thirst for the Bible that is not satisfied with books that talk about the Bible… It’s easy to use for a group because everyone shares what was significant for them in the reading for that week…

Rachel Selent

I am on my third journey through the Bible using the TILE study calendar… Many times I have started but have given up about the time I reached Judges or Chronicles. Now I am finally “getting it”… It has brought me closer to God in ways that I never thought possible…

Joan Flynn

This is my third year of going through the TILE Bible study guide with basically the same group of women… There were many AHA! moments for me. Each week I try to remember to look for inspiration and not just for information. My growth continues…

Barbara Huff

I’ve completed my third year using this Bible study calendar… it becomes a deeper spiritual experience to read New Testament writings concurrently with subject counterparts in the Old Testament… Following this plan in a small group helped me be accountable to others…

Adell Claypool

Following the This is Life Eternal (TILE) Bible reading plan is a refreshing way to keep in touch with God.  For the past three years I have followed this plan, using a different version of the Bible each year…

Gerre St. Clair

I am now on my 4th year in a row and have been so blessed with the inspiration and depth of God’s heart of love… I can hardly put it down… I, too, have shared it with my small Bible study group of ladies.


It is great to have such a good tool do study the Word through a year!  I am the elder of the local church of Malchow, Germany… My wish is to translate the Bible Study Calendar into German…

Gunther Hanke

I have tried other Bible reading plans, but I get frustrated and give up if I get several days behind. When you have a weekly assignment, it makes it easier to stay caught up… Also, I really like the way the plan weaves a chronological journey through Scripture.

Mark Bond, Red Canoe Creative

Wretha’s Quotes

My mother’s faithful example of Christ’s love is the reason I’m in ministry today. She would often encourage me with: “You are greatly loved in heaven!”  This statement and her prayer life were inspired by the Bible (Daniel 9:21-23).  Whether it was my siblings, her choir members or others, I observed firsthand how Mom treated all kinds of people as though they were special – yes, greatly beloved in heaven.  It was because she knew and believed in Jesus that she loved people and made the Bible the center of her worldview.  Below are select quotes about her life journey and the eventual development of the TILE Bible Reading Plan.

My father, Roy Edward Griffin, was a Seventh-day Adventist evangelist. My mother, Trevie, played and sang for the meetings, and me and my two older sisters sat on the front row every night so that we could go onstage to sing in the family quintet. When Daddy “read” texts during his sermons, he would open the big white Bible in his hand and then fully extend his arm above his head with the open Bible toward the audience. He could quote large portions of Scripture by memory and that open Bible was a non-verbal invitation to enter its sacred pages. There were hard times when Daddy got very ill, had three stomach surgeries and finally died when I was twelve. Our lives changed drastically; but music kept me very involved with my church family.
Loma Linda CA is where I spent 18 years of my life, finished college and married Bob Lang… a month after he entered medical school, we had our fourth child. Since I taught voice and piano lessons in our home, I, gratefully, did not have to leave the children in order to earn a living. On weekends I directed Adventist choirs on Sabbaths and on Sundays I had a job with a Presbyterian church. Until his senior year, Bob was able to be with the children on the weekends. If God gives us work to do, he will enable us! I look back at that period of our lives now and wonder how in the world we held it all together. But I believe God worked miracles that I can’t even remember.
We moved to Punta Gorda, FL in 1970. Many of my new friends were from various Christian faiths. When spiritual discussions arose, they were interested in what I believed, but stated that they were New Testament Christians since the Old Testament was just written for the Jews. This was a valuable period for me spiritually for it put a new focus on my Bible study. I observed the frequency of times that New Testament writers and Jesus quoted from the Old Testament.  How could my Christian friends say the Old Testament is not relevant today?  So I decided that I would like to read the Bible cover to cover – many times between 1970 and 1998. But I failed every time, getting bogged down in Chronicles or Isaiah.  Though in the process, I became aware of some subject matter that was repetitive in Scripture and mentally made note of some of these areas.
In August of 1998, Bob asked if I would put together a month’s worth of Bible reading assignments for his study group. So I sat down at my electric typewriter with just my King James Bible. I resolved to use no other reference than my Bible and with a fervent prayer for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the first 4 weeks were done. My appetite was whetted!! I could not stop!! For three days I hardly slept or ate. As I worked, John 17:3 was my guiding Star. Jesus gave us a winning formula: knowing Jesus = Eternal Life! I wanted this plan to channel minds toward knowing Jesus. And when 52 weeks were completed, I sat down in my living room and started reading. I finished the Bible in three months and told a friend of mine about it – because I was excited. The Holy Spirit had blessed me with a plan that worked for ME!  She asked me if I would start a small group. Each week the question was asked: “What did you learn about God this week that helps you to know Him better?”
I’ve read through the Bible well over twenty times. You might ask what I’ve learned about God that helps me to know Him better. Well, God laughs (Ps.2:4 and 37:13). He sings (Matt. 26:30; Zech. 3:17). He composes songs (Deut. 31:19, 21, 22). Listening from heaven, He loves to hear us speak of our love for Him (Mal. 3:16-18). He is a consummate record keeper (Mal.3:16; Numbers; all the begats). He answers prayers (Dan. 9:21; John 14:13). He actually negotiated with men (Abraham, Moses…). He got down in the dust to create Adam, and then He came down to this dirty, sinful world to save Adam and all of the faithful (Gen.2:7; Rom. 5:19). He grieves over our sin to the point of heartbreak (Gen. 6:6). When we work for God, He works with us! (Mark 16:20).  Thank You, God! And there’s so, so much more! Jesus is coming soon – He wants us to KNOW Him! — John 17:3 and Hosea 6:3, 6