iRecite is a Bible memorization program founded by a small group in Orlando, Florida. Lifestreams Media founder Chris Lang has been actively involved. During a difficult time in 2011, he was looking for hope and “happened” to see the testimony of Roger Morneau. A year later, iRecite was born. Since then, other groups have formed in the US and Canada. While iRecite is a group process, its heart is a personal, daily experience!

One of Roger Morneau’s legacies to Christianity was demonstrating the power of Scripture memorization in his every day life. Among more than 2,200 verses memorized, Roger’s favorite passage was Matthew 27:24-54 – what he referred to as the “Power Passage.”

In an age of super computers, smart phones, tablets and Siri, who would ever think they should need to memorize anything, right?  We can instantly access any Bible verse without ever having to internalize the ancient Scriptures for ourselves.  But in Bible times, the dynamic of the “oral tradition” required people to memorize whole passages so that they could recite them to others. Through this personal discipline, the Scriptures were powerful and relevant in the public square. That’s the mission of iRecite – to resurrect this oral tradition while fostering deeper relationships with God and each other!

  • What Is it? – A monthly accountability group where members recite Bible passages.
  • What Results? – The mind expands to grasp deeper truths and functions at a higher level in one’s career and family life while experiencing more of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • What Ages? – Any age or personality can do it!  We’ve had members from ages 8 to 80!
  • Suggestions – Memorize a minimum of 10 verses/month (consecutive – for context), use a translated version, not a paraphrase, practice reciting out loud, share what God taught you while memorizing. See Tips For the Journey.
The Bible declares that Christ gave us “exceedingly great and precious promises through which we may become partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:3-4). Through His Word and encouragement of friends, “iron sharpens iron” (Prov 27:17). One might call iRecite “old school” – the oral tradition is thousands of years old. The good news is that people don’t change and neither does the Gospel! In every age, it is the “power of God unto Salvation” (Romans 1:16).
There’s nothing more powerful than a life that experiences the Biblical God.  We believe this is what the world is dying for: a true experience with a Person… the One who, by His Word and His Spirit, challenges our deepest thoughts while soothing and healing our deepest hurts.  Coming together once a month is like coming to a potluck – everyone brings a spiritual “dish!”
  • Handout – Overview of iRecite for your church or group.
  • Tips For the Journey – Suggestions such as using a translation rather than a paraphrase, using audio Bibles, etc.
  • Signup Form – Explains what members are committing to as part of the group.