UPDATED JUNE 15, 2020: Lifestreams Media released the final cut of our docudrama Charmed By Darkness – the life and legacy of Roger Morneau — available on Amazon Free with Prime.  DVDs are distributed by Pacific Press and Amazing Facts.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE — We recently secured exclusive rights to produce a feature film and documentary on the life of Roger Morneau, a demon worshiper who became a Christian author and prayer warrior. Charmed by Darkness will be adapted from the full manuscript of Roger’s first book originally titled A Trip Into the Supernatural which contained only half of the manuscript. In 2015, the full manuscript was published as a new book release including never-before-seen pictures and documents. In 2016, we completed a screenplay for a theatrical narrative (pending funding).

OVERVIEW: As a young boy, Roger displays an uncommon hunger for spiritual truth. But after his mother dies, Roger rejects God and religion. Years later, he’s toughened from the horrors of World War II and is looking to make his mark. He’s soon invited into a secret society of spirit worship. He learns he was specifically chosen by “the master,” receives special powers and is later invited to join the society permanently. But this troubles him. Years ago, his parents warned him, “if you get involved in evil, some day you’ll have to pay the price.” One night, he can’t sleep. At 3 am, he cries out: “if there is a God up there that cares for me, help me!” No one had ever gotten out of this secret society alive…

FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS: The feature film Charmed By Darkness will be expensive to produce because of the many locations and special effects required to tell the story. But, the most challenging of all is the script itself. It’s not just about dealing with deceptions of the occult. It’s also about deceptions that began flooding into the Christian church nearly 2,000 years ago. And, the truth is, these deceptions came from the same source! Roger’s story demonstrates that the Great Controversy is real. Our “Harry Potter” generation must be warned that darkness is not your friend and is actually seeking to destroy every soul alive. Thankfully, we can take courage in the superior power of our Redeemer who promises us: “He who follows Me will not walk in darkness…and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:12, 32

Chris Lang, founder of Lifestreams Media, says God made it clear that the time had come for this story to be told in a new way to a new generation. “I had just finished my first documentary Single Creek in early 2011. It was Roger’s books and video interviews during that time that inspired me to pursue a deeper walk with the Lord. I wondered why there hadn’t been a feature film to dramatize his amazing story. After nearly 3 years of contact attempts, I was able to speak with Roger’s daughter in January, 2014. THREE DAYS after that first call, another film producer contacted the family!”

A Trip Into the Supernatural was published in 1982 and quickly became a best seller. Thirty-two years passed before we spoke with the Morneau family for the first time. Then, three days later…bang! Some might call that coincidence; but, we call it Providence. We are persuaded that God has called us for such a time as this, and we hope you will stand with us through your prayers and tax-deductible gifts. Our sole desire is to honor the God of the Bible – the One who delivered Roger from the charms of darkness.