Roger Morneau’s final book Beware of Angels chronicled the real-life account of a Bible study group that fell into spiritualism and ultimately murder.  Our latest project, also titled Beware of Angels connects the Halstead murder case with other supernatural encounters.  TV news footage, newspaper headlines and some of Roger’s own comments about the book are included.  Former occultists include a new age priest (Will Baron), the grandson of a high-ranking freemason (Mark Cleminson), a “secret” disciple (Holly McCutcheon) and an occult apprentice (Adam Hendron) who nearly committed suicide to join aliens.

The film contends that there is Truth that shatters the darkness, and that truth comes from one source.  Our worldview about angels, death and the afterlife is based on the Bible.

Beware of Angels is a companion program to our feature film based on Roger’s book Charmed by Darkness.