About Miracles - Sometimes the only Logical Explanation is God

Sometimes you need a miracle.

And sometimes the only logical explanation...

is God.

About Miracles Wins 2nd Film Festival Award

ORLANDO, FL, April 18 — About Miracles, a documentary film produced by Lifestreams Media, won a Platinum Remi Award at the 2014 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, the second award garnered by this made-for-TV movie. Earlier this year, the film was an Official Selection and Finalist for “Best Documentary” at the Christian Worldview Film Festival. […]

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New Film Project – Roger Morneau

We recently secured exclusive rights to produce a feature film and documentary on the life of Roger Morneau, a former demon worshiper who became a Christian author and prayer warrior. Charmed by Darkness will be adapted from the full manuscript of Roger’s first book originally titled A Trip Into the Supernatural which contained only half of the manuscript. In 2015, the full manuscript was published as a new book release including never-before-seen pictures and documents.

OVERVIEW: As a young boy, Roger displays an uncommon hunger for spiritual […]

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Press Release – About Miracles

Movie ‘About Miracles’ Inspires with Dramatic True Stories
Contact: Kevin Shearer, Lifestreams Media, 407-494-3288

ORLANDO, FL, November 19 — “About Miracles” is a new documentary film featuring true stories about modern day miracles. Produced by Lifestreams Media, About Miracles is getting attention from TV networks, journalists and academics. […]

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Movie Review – About Miracles

Debbie Holloway, assistant editor at Crosswalk.com, reviewed our new documentary film About Miracles (published November 13, 2013):

“Sometimes, slicing unexpectedly through the fog of daily life, the supernatural appears. Skeptics and doubters may abound, but sometimes logic, reason, and common sense just aren’t enough to explain away otherworldly occurrences. […]

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