About Miracles - Sometimes the only Logical Explanation is God

Sometimes you need a miracle.

And sometimes the only logical explanation...

is God.

Movie Review – About Miracles

Debbie Holloway, assistant editor at Crosswalk.com, reviewed our new documentary film About Miracles (published November 13, 2013):

“Sometimes, slicing unexpectedly through the fog of daily life, the supernatural appears. Skeptics and doubters may abound, but sometimes logic, reason, and common sense just aren’t enough to explain away otherworldly occurrences. […]

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About Miracles Released!

Our new film About Miracles features four dramatic, true stories about modern day miracles. Told by the actual people involved and featuring gripping reenactments, these stories will amaze you as they strengthen your faith. In an age where God is no longer the central focus, the modern mind often prefers scientific arguments to explain life experiences. […]

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Canada Series – “Recite Your Story”

Chris Lang, founder of Lifestreams Media, recently completed a 10-day speaking series in Canada titled: “Recite Your Story.” Every talk includes his personal life stories and passion for scripture recitation. Several years ago, he began memorizing whole passages/chapters in the Bible, and later co-founded a monthly group at his local church called iRecite. […]

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Film Festival Award

When Mourning Breaks recently won the 2013 Crown Award for Best Documentary (in budget category) . The film festival is part of the annual ICVM convention (International Christian Visual Media). Producer/Director Chris Lang reflects on the award: “We’re honored to have worked with so many courageous men and women who shared their hearts in this groundbreaking film. This award is affirmation that the silence in the Christian church must be broken.” […]

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