About Miracles - Sometimes the only Logical Explanation is God

Sometimes you need a miracle.

And sometimes the only logical explanation...

is God.

Charmed By Darkness Released!

UPDATED 06/15/20: The highly anticipated docudrama Charmed By Darkness – the life and legacy of Roger Morneau is now available on Amazon (Free with Prime) in the United StatesUnited KingdomGermany/Austria • and many other countries via PrimeVideo.com.  DVDs are distributed by Pacific Press and Amazing Facts.

VIEWER FEEDBACK: We recently screened the film to nearly 2,000 viewers, and obtained over 100 feedback […]

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New Trailer – Charmed By Darkness

Many of you have been asking: “When is Charmed By Darkness coming out?  We recently filmed several major reenactments, and we’re excited to see the stories and structure of this new documentary film coming together! It’s not been easy, and we’ve had some roadblocks in the way. But through an unmistakeable series of events earlier this year, we not only filmed the period reenactments of Roger Morneau’s […]

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Beware of Angels Hits Top 20

According to our distributor Indie Rights, Beware of Angels ranked #17 out nearly 600 films in the month of September! This is remarkable as their list also includes full-length feature films. Beware of Angels was produced on a limited budget and had only been out for six months. “At first the ranking shocked us, and we’re extremely humbled and excited about it,” stated Chris Lang, director/producer. The film became controversial almost overnight as it documents the nearly universal belief in the immortality of the soul (including most of Christianity) […]

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Roger Morneau Film Coming

A good friend recently watched Beware of Angels and contacted us to request permission to post our website’s link on her new website Silence No More, a book about her journey out of Spiritual Formation. Stephanie Griffin spent 9 years in the movement and trained in all the practices. Even though she had been a lifelong Christian, she didn’t see danger in the exercises promoted, such as Lectio Divina, walking the labyrinth and contemplative prayer. She found it strange that they teach Christians to read […]

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